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A fine young lass.

#fbf to my birthday. Eating pizza the cool way with some good ol’ coldcock from @johnnyssaloon
Orphaned opossums flock to me. Taking this lil buddy to the wildlife center first thing in the morning. Fortunately he is not hurt.
My new wusthof #thanksdad 🔪❤️🔪❤️🔪❤️🔪❤️🔪❤️
@didijulin just sent me this picture. I don’t remember this. When was this and who’s motorcycle is this?? Explain!?
My new band. Amanda and the kings. #birthday (at Johnnys Saloon)
Sorry ladies, I’m taken.
Always creepin
Watching Return of the Jedi. This is the face I make whenever a scene has crappy cgi added to it. Someone find me a VHS or laser disc set of the original trilogy. Please. They added jar jar binks things at the end.
I like how they made Neil degrass Tyson grow a 5 o’clock shadow so it would look like he was legit camping while narrating cosmos. #SCIENCE
After over 50 years of watching doctor who my family’s prayers have been answered. The doctor is Scottish. On an unrelated note here is bryn.